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GDPR Ready

Meacodes Accessibility Tools Free WordPress Plugin Meacodes Accessibility Tools Free WordPress Plugin Meacodes Accessibility Tools Free WordPress Plugin Meacodes Accessibility Tools Free WordPress Plugin

A Gateway to
Equalition the Web

Websites should be open to all! Mea accessibility Tools removes barriers for visitors with disabilities, like users with dyslexia. It makes your site more user-friendly for everyone, boosting SEO and reaching a wider audience.

Easy installation and setup
No tech headaches! Mea Accessibility Tools plugin installs in seconds and configures with ease. Focus on your content, We handle the accessibility. Everyone wins!
Easy plugin customization
Easy setup meets full control! Our plugin installs in seconds and lets you customize accessibility options for a perfect fit. Inclusive and unique, just like your website.
Remember Preferences
User preferences are automatically saved using cookies, ensuring a consistent and frustration-free experience on every visit. This means your website adapts to individual needs, creating a more inclusive environment for all.
Meacodes Accessibility Tools Free WordPress Plugin
Mea Accessibility Tools features


With Mea Accessibility Tools, open the doors of your website to everyone and create an inclusive and user friendly world.

Draggable Toolbox
This feature lets you move the toolbox anywhere on the webpage for a customized accessibility experience, making it easier to use. This means you can position the toolbox in a location that’s most convenient for you.
Font Size
This tool allows you to resize the text on web pages to your liking. This is useful for people with vision problems or those who are looking for a more comfortable reading experience.
Line Height
The Line Height tool in the Mea Accessibility Tools increases the space between lines of text, aiding readability for those with visual or cognitive impairments. It enhances text separation, aiding focus and line by line reading.
Letter Spacing
Customize letter spacing to enhance readability and accommodate users with visual impairments or dyslexia. With this feature, you can adjust the spacing between characters for improved legibility and a more comfortable reading experience.
Dyslexia Mask
This tool, included in the Mea Accessibility Tools, eases reading for individuals with dyslexia by highlighting lines of text. The benefits of using this mask include smoother and faster reading, reduced eye strain, and enhanced focus and comprehension.
Grayscale Page
This tool lets you see page content in grayscale, aiding those with visual impairments, especially color blindness. Grayscale mode helps differentiate visual elements and boosts text background contrast, improving readability for visually impaired individuals.
Contrast Tool Easily adjust text and background colors for optimal readability, enhancing accessibility for those with low vision or visual impairments. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to effortless comprehension.
Now, users can effortlessly switch to a negative color scheme for improved readability and reduced eye strain, particularly beneficial for those with sensitivity to bright screens or certain color combinations.
Underlined Links
Automatically underlines website links for enhanced accessibility, aiding users with visual impairments and screen reader reliance. Simplify navigation and ensure all visitors can identify clickable elements, fostering a seamless browsing experience.
Highlight Links
Toggle this feature to highlight clickable links, aiding users with visual impairments or navigating with screen readers, enhancing accessibility and streamlining navigation for a more inclusive browsing experience.
Grayscale Images
Convert all website images to grayscale to enhance accessibility for visually impaired users. Improve clarity and ensure content accessibility for all visitors, regardless of visual abilities, fostering inclusivity and user-friendly experience.
Black and White
transform your webpage colors into high-contrast black and white, catering to users with visual impairments or sensitivity to bright hues. Enhance readability and accessibility effortlessly, ensuring all visitors can engage with your content comfortably.
Mea Accessibility Tools Motivation

Our motivation is clear: to create an accessibility plugin that empowers inclusivity, providing accessibility features that enhance the browsing experience for all users. Join us in our mission to build a more inclusive digital landscape, one line of code at a time.


Multilanguage Support

Mea Accessibility Tools, a free WordPress plugin, offers multilingual support through .po files. Users can use these file, translate them into their language, and contribute their translations. This collaborative approach ensures inclusivity and usability across diverse linguistic backgrounds, making digital content more accessible to a wider audience. We welcome users to join us in this effort by translating the plugin into new languages and sharing their contributions. Together, we can create a more inclusive online environment for all.








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